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Report on Study into Hong Kong’s Auto-fuel Market

Hong Kong Competition Commission, Report, May 2017

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Hong Kong’s petrol prices being highlighted as the highest in the world have brought the state of competition in the auto-fuel market into sharp focus. In response to public concerns, the Commission has conducted a study into the market and released a report of the findings in May 2017. In addition to looking at auto-fuel prices and their movements, the Commission has identified a number of structural and behavioural features of the auto-fuel market that are hindering competition and which the Commission believes would likely have contributed to the high auto-fuel prices in the territory. The Commission has made recommendations in the report on how to address these issues.

To facilitate easy understanding of the report by the general public, the Commission has also produced a two-page "Study into Hong Kong’s Auto-fuel Market at a glance" summarizing its findings and recommendations with illustrations.