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Anonymous Whistleblower Tool

European Commission, DG Competition, Whisteblower Tool, March 2017

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A new tool to make it easier for individuals to alert the Commission about secret cartels and other antitrust violations while maintaining their anonymity has been launched by the European Commission today.

Individuals can now help anonymously in the fight against cartels and other anti-competitive practices. These practices include agreeing on prices or procurement bids, keeping products off the market or unfairly excluding rivals and can cause immense damage to Europe’s economy. They can deny customers access to a wider choice of goods and services at reasonable prices, stifle innovation and put companies out of business.

Commissioner Margrethe Vestager, in charge of competition policy, said "If people are concerned by business practices that they think are wrong, they can help put things right. Inside knowledge can be a powerful tool to help the Commission uncover cartels and other anti-competitive practices. With our new tool it is possible to provide information, while maintaining anonymity. Information can contribute to the success of our investigations quickly and more efficiently to the benefit of consumers and the EU’s economy as a whole".