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"A Bite of Conspiracy" Video Series

Hong Kong Competition Commission, Video Series, November 2017

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Consisting of two short episodes, "A Bite of Conspiracy" Video Series is one of the major elements of the Hong Kong Competition Commission’s "Combat Market Sharing Cartels" Campaign launched in November 2017 with an aim to raise public awareness of market sharing and its harm as well as to strengthen detection of such conduct. The Campaign was rolled out riding on a case before the Competition Tribunal in relation to market sharing and price fixing.

From a piece of roast pork to market sharing- Inspired by a widely-shared article on a popular local discussion forum on the internet with the story set in a cooked food stall, the series cleverly weaves the concept of market sharing into a daily-life setting of a white-collar who profoundly enjoys the ’romance’ of being alone in serenity. Presented in a light-hearted and easy to understand manner, the first episode elaborates on market sharing between three big suppliers by geographic areas while the second episode elaborates on marketing sharing between small businesses in the supply of products.

A Bite of Conspiracy - Part I:

A Bite of Conspiracy - Part II: