Matthew M. Martino

Matthew M. Martino

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In the antitrust area, Mr. Martino has handled a number of litigations involving alleged price-fixing, group boycotts, monopolization, other restraints of trade, and class actions. Mr. Martino represented CEMEX in a class action alleging price-fixing, as well as market and customer allocations. Other representations include, among others, HarperCollins Publishers in the ebooks price-fixing class action litigation; Pfizer Inc in a class action alleging monopolization with respect to the drug Neurontin; Ainsworth Lumber Company in an antitrust class action alleging price-fixing in the oriented strand board industry; and IASIS Healthcare in an antitrust action challenging a series of exclusive contracts. Mr. Martino also provides general antitrust counseling, advising clients on compliance with state and federal antitrust laws, including issues relating to joint ventures, competitor collaborations, unilateral conduct and distribution.

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