Jet Zhisong Deng

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As an experienced antitrust lawyer, Jet had represented oversea and local clients before Ministry of Commerce (“MOFCOM”) in more than 20 merger control cases including designing remedies proposals, and successfully helped the clients to go through the mud and maze of antitrust review process of Chinese authority. He also helped clients to block competitors’ deals in term of antitrust review and appropriately respond to MOFCOM’s investigations on failing to file M&A deals. Jet is one of a few lawyers with the experience of representing multinationals in investigations of cartel/RPM agreement/dominance abuse by National Development and Reform Commission (“NDRC”) and State Administration of Industry and Commerce (“SAIC”), he is familiar with practice of the authorities and specializes in designing strategy to cope with those investigations. He provided legal advice on antitrust risk for many business transactions, and helped multinationals, SOEs, private enterprises and trade associations to develop compliance programs under China’s Anti-monopoly Law. He also helped clients go through the National Security Review procedures for Mergers and Acquisitions of Domestic Enterprises by Foreign Investors. He started to participate in the legislation procedures of China’s Anti-monopoly Law and provide legal advice to multinationals in 2004, and since that has been active in China’s Anti-monopoly community. He has close ties with scholars of universities and research institutes, and maintains effective working relationship with Anti-monopoly authorities, inter alia MOFCOM, SAIC and NDRC. Enjoying good interaction with media circle, he showed frequently in Anti-monopoly related interviews on Chinese media such as CCTV, China National Radio and various newspapers. He also published serials articles on Anti-monopoly Law, and authored one book and translated one book on Anti-monopoly Law which were published by the Law Press.

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