Fei Deng

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Dr. Deng is a Partner in Edgeworth’s San Francisco office. She is an expert in the application of microeconomics and econometrics to antitrust litigation and mergers, class actions, intellectual property disputes, and commercial damages cases. Dr. Deng consults with clients on economic issues in these areas, using statistical and econometric tools to gain key insights, presenting results in an easy-to-understand way. Dr. Deng has substantial experience assisting clients in ITC 337 cases, providing economic analyses of the likely effects of an exclusion order on the public interest, the existence of a domestic industry protected by the asserted patents, and the appropriate bond. Dr. Deng has consulted extensively for Asia-based clients faced with litigation and commercial disputes in the United States and European Union. Recently, in a price fixing allegation involving major manufacturers of liquid display panels across multiple jurisdictions, Dr. Deng assisted a defendant with damages analysis and data management for both the criminal and civil stages of litigation. Dr. Deng is an expert on the antitrust and intellectual property policies of the People’s Republic of China. She served as a consultant to the Anti-Monopoly Bureau under the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) in a recent matter and has advised multinational corporations on a number of mergers in China. She also has been actively involved in providing advice and comments to all three of China’s antitrust agencies, and was a guest lecturer on competition economics at Renmin University. Dr. Deng is an editor of the ABA publication Antitrust Source. Her publications have appeared in the Antitrust Law Journal, Antitrust, Antitrust Source, Global Competition Policy, and Law360. Dr. Deng also co-authored a chapter in the American Bar Association Section of Antitrust Law (ABA) volume Issues in Competition Law and Policy.

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