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Estimating the Impact of Competition Enforcement by the Spanish Competition Authority

National Commission on Markets and Competition (CNMC), Impact Study, 2017

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This study includes a brief reference to the different types of assessments that can be carried out to quantify the effect on society of the enforcement activities of competition authorities. A simple methodology with prudent assumptions, which can be used as the basis for wider-ranging studies in the future, was selected from the many possible forms of assessment. The main assumption when applying this methodology refers to the positive effect of interventions by competition authorities; in other words, it is assumed that their interventions help avoid direct adverse effects on consumers in the form of higher prices. It should also be emphasised that only the direct effects of the interventions are included, so that the estimated impact on welfare ignores a large part of the actual effect of the Spanish competition authority’s activity. For example, neither deterrent effects nor positive effects on innovation are included.