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Pandora’s box of online ills: We should turn to technology and market-driven solutions before imposing regulation or using competition law

Maurits Dolmans et al., Concurrences N°3-2017 I Conference I Oxford, 22 May 2017

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We are enjoying the benefits of the IT revolution over the last few decades—free online searches, free social media, free mapping services, free smartphone software, the rise of mini-multinationals (SMEs who suddenly have online access to world markets), and constant innovation. At the same time, we are told that the online environment is more and more dominated by a handful of IT giants. Digital consolidation—the growth of a few global IT businesses that compete with a multitude of local brick and-mortar firms—is supposedly causing markets to separate out into distinct online islands, each dominated by one individual firm. In the same breath, it is said that antitrust authorities should break up these “monopolies” because they stifle competition and harm consumers.

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